Our highlights

  • 01

    Sale of the Okraglak project in Poznan in Poland

    January 2016

    This project with a lettable area of 8,000 m² located in the centre of Poznan is sold for 17 MEUR to a well-known London investor. It had been in the portfolio since 2011.

  • 02

    Universalis Park: a new highly recognised partner

    March 2016

    Following the sale of the shares of Alcor SA, the group enters into a partnership with Thomas & Piron to develop this 8.5ha mixed project in the commune of Ixelles. It schedules residential accommodation, a kindergarten, offices and shops along with a rest home, in an environment characterised by lots of green.

  • 03

    Sale of 100% of the shares of Westside SA in Luxembourg

    April 2016

    The Westside Village complex (11,600 m²) of the Capellen business park is transferred to a company under the control of the UFG European Commercial Real Estate Fund I SA for a total of 34.5 MEUR. It had been in the portfolio since 2010 and although the sale did not produce a margin, it freed up cash for other acquisitions.

  • 04

    IMMOBEL and ALLFIN merge

    June 2016

    On June 29th 2016, Immobel and ALLFIN become a single entity, following the merger through absorption, approved virtually unanimously by the Extraordinary General Meeting. This new entity immediately becomes the largest quoted Belgian real estate developer. The transaction leads to a stock market capitalisation of over 550 MEUR and assets of over 920 MEUR.

  • 05

    IMMOBEL Luxembourg expands its portfolio with the Polvermillen project

    July 2016

    The Luxembourg subsidiary of IMMOBEL acquires, via the Tractim S.A. company, a plot of over 2.6ha in the centre of the capital. Destined for mixed use, the project is located on a former industrial site and schedules a residential and office development (210 residential units, 1,600 m² of offices), notable for its desire to create a new district between the city and the countryside.

  • 06

    Two birds with one stone: Möbius and De Brouckère are set to redesign the Brussels skyline

    September 2016

    The sale of one of the Möbius towers for more than 85 MEUR is set to be followed by the start of works in 2017 on this North District project. Allianz should be able to move into the 26,600 m² building at the end of 2019. The current headquarters of Allianz, on the Place de Brouckère, will also be re-developed in 2020 by IMMOBEL and BPI.

  • 07

    Bella Vita: successful inauguration of an inter-generational complex

    September 2016

    With the support of the Municipal College of Waterloo, this project has been developed in partnership with JCX. Its objective is to create a totally new, convivial and evolving living area for all of its occupants: 182 apartments, 87 houses, a kindergarten, a care centre, a swimming pool, over 250 carparking spaces and many more facilities. By the time of the inauguration, the units had been almost entirely delivered and sold.

  • 08

    Infinity Working in Luxembourg welcomes a prestigious tenant

    September 2016

    Law firm Allen & Overy has signed a head of terms for the rental of all of the 6,800 m² of the Kirchberg office building (Portes de l’Europe) in order to install its headquarters – more than 150 members of staff – by 2020.

  • 09

    Presentation of an innovative and sustainable project in Nivelles

    November 2016

    The rehabilitation of a former industrial site, the Îlot Saint-Roch will be located on a 3ha site very close to the ‘Collégiale de Nivelles’. It is being designed to be an ecologically responsible and convivial concept, in collaboration with the local inhabitants and authorities.

  • 10

    Development action in Flanders

    December 2016

    The acquisition of 40ha of building land from construction group Bostoen for 20 MEUR confirms the expansion strategy in East and West Flanders.

  • 11

    Sale and rental of the “Belair” project (RAC 2)

    December 2016

    IMMOBEL and BREEVAST sell the RAC 2 company, which owns the “Belair” project to Real I.S. SMART for a price which values its assets at 59 MEUR. The project involves a 9,500 m² office building which will accommodate the new ‘security’ headquarters of the Brussels Capital Region for a fixed 18-year term from 2018.

  • 12

    Black Pearl delivered and the owning company sold

    December 2016

    This 11,000 m² office building is delivered to the European Union for a fixed 15-year term. At the same time, The Green Corner, the company which owns Black Pearl, is sold to REAL I.S. for a price which values its assets at 56 MEUR.

  • 13

    Gateway (Brussels Airport) finished and delivered

    December 2016

    Deloitte takes possession of this 35,000 m² office building, developed in partnership with CODIC in order to install its new headquarters. In parallel with this, the sale of Gateway to Befimmo is finalised for almost 150 MEUR.