Our activities in Luxembourg


  • Offices
  • Residential
28.800 m²
office space
residential units
14.750 m²
retail space

Market Analysis

  • Offices

    • Financial and business services lead Luxembourg to an excellent 2016
    • CRE investment exceeds 1 billion EUR for three consecutive years
    • Office vacancy is a healthy 5.7%
  • Residential

    • New apartments exceed 6,000 EUR/m² in the best markets
    • Both the population and the economy are among the fastest growing in Europe
    • New apartments maintain a 10% premium over second-hand properties on average
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Our projects in 2016



  • INFINITY - Luxembourg
    • Signature of a synallagmatic long term lease contract promise (agreement with the FUAK- Planning and Ground Use Fund for the Kirchberg plateau) enabling control of the land to be taken in February 2016
    • Shops: pre-rental agreement level at 100%
    • Offices: signature of an agreement for the long term rental of the whole of the building by Allen & Overy
    • Residential: 25% of the units reserved (marketing began in September 2016)
  • POLVERMILLEN - Luxembourg
    • Control of the land obtained via the acquisition of 90% of the Tractim S.A. company in July 2016
    • Reception in July 2016 of the latest ministerial decree definitively setting the conditions for cleansing the site
    • Start of cleansing and demolition works in October 2016
  • FUUSSBANN - Differdange
    • Building permit obtained for 48 residential units
    • Reservation level at 30% of the units
  • LIVINGSTONE - Luxembourg
    • Phase 1: 95% of the conception completed; reservation level at 39% of the residential units
    • Phase 2: launch of the architectural conception phase