Our values

Know-how & experience

With the strength of 150 years of existence behind it, IMMOBEL is able not only to assert its durability, but above all its desire to continue to aim high. It is the thoroughness of its approach which enables it to redefine standards in real estate development, and to cover different periods by constructing buildings and districts which take their place in the heritage of our cities.


IMMOBEL undertakes everything within a constructive spirit, with the objective of building relationships of confidence with its partners – experts, authorities, investors and other stakeholders. This approach is seen in the degree of loyalty and balanced dialogue which it engenders in its partnerships. Along with this, IMMOBEL has a resolutely optimistic vision of its mission to shape the city of tomorrow, taking full account of economic, political and environmental changes.

Seeking excellence

IMMOBEL never compromises on quality. Firmly rooted in its teams is the conviction never to leave any detail to chance, and constantly to strive for excellence in their work. Skill, precision and efficiency guarantee the quality of their achievements.


By melding together daring, intuition and skill, IMMOBEL and those who manage it are demonstrating a visionary spirit. This clear vision procures it the respect and confidence of players in those markets in which it is active, along with the appreciation of all its partners, who salute its ability to anticipate the major challenges of our cities and our society.

Transparency & financial strength

The excellent management of equity and the profitability of its assets are the advantages which guarantee the financial strength of IMMOBEL. As the largest quoted Belgian real estate developer, it is committed to meriting the confidence of its investors and shareholders, guaranteeing them transparent and thorough management oriented towards growth.


IMMOBEL is convinced that it is through giving a substantial degree of responsibility to each person, that the leadership qualities of its teams are brought out. It thus opts for recruiting passionate people, demands that they show their capacities for surpassing themselves, and encourages them to go in pursuit of the most ambitious objectives.

Agility & flexibility

Knowing how to adapt to market constraints, renewing its portfolio, its offering, its services. Being aware that every project is unique and calls for original solutions. Acting rapidly in order to satisfy all interested parties. It is in this way that IMMOBEL has been demonstrating, on a daily basis, and for more than 150 years, its capacity for constantly reinventing itself, while always taking care to respect its identity. 

Driven by a desire to surpass themselves

Almost 100 talented individuals, spread across 3 countries (Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland) but driven by the same energy, motivation et vision: Do what you say, say what you do. And much more too. Developers, sales people, technicians, architects, members of marketing teams, legal, corporate and finance experts: so many skills are involved at the various stages of a project. The enthusiasm of the teams can be found at each stage of their achievements.